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Thursday, March 12, 2009

off the wagon, but looking good in the ditch

Ok, so remember when I vowed to stop the madness and not thrift shop until I posted everything I have for my etsy in the store, and wore everything I have never worn, and fixed and wore everything in the sewing pile... 

I fell off the wagon. Just a little! Ok, ok, you're on or you're off the wagon, and now I'm off. But, I shall dust myself off and get back on. That being said, I am still proud. That was about a month ago and there is a reason I was at the thrift store. I had to go to the Mall of America to get the PRADA(!!) and I did not shop there. (Re:PRADA - I'll show you tonight... once again, I must say, prepare to be disappointed, it's nothing epic.) I was at the largest possible mall, and I went in and out. No browsing, no shopping, not a dime did I spend. However, there is a rather fab thrift store on the way from the mall to my house that I never get to go to because I never really get down that far south of the city. I HAD to stop to make the trip worth it... or something. Hey, leave me alone conscience, I'm still on Vicodin, I've sewn and worn a lot of the pile and tomorrow I have the day off and will update the etsy!!!!!!

Besides, aren't these worth falling, hell, leaping off the wagon for? Ok, fine! I also bought a perfectly worn and buttery brown leather jacket, a children's light colored denim jacket, and like six vintage slips.

Annnd, of course I wore them both immediately. Together:
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Dress - inherited from sister (The Limited)
Elephant belt - thrifted
Gold tights - crazy $2 outlet store
Boots - thrifted Bellofatto

Oh, and I'll get around to the Phillip Lim outfit and some more Vicodin Style posts soon. Minneapolis decided to get all negative degrees on me, so I lost the desire to attempt a spring look!


Sal said...

HELLS YES! The boots especially.

Kara said...

Okay, I'm dying to know what store this was! Are you going to keep it a thrifting secret? :-) I guess I don't blame you...

futurelint said...

Nah, I never keep my thrifting a secret - they are from the Arc's Value Village in Richfield! They are a bit pricey for a thrift store but the $ goes to a great cause, the stores are always clean and well organized, I just love them. However, while I was there I caught a little boy (7ish?) peeking over the top of the dressing room stall next to me- so watch out for little boys! Luckily I was wearing a long sleeve tee and skirt at the time!

Sarah Von said...

I would leap joyfully from any wagon for that purse!

futurelint said...

I'm gonna assume you mean the thing on the left, it's actually a really thick belt... I just realized I left off the photo of me WEARING these two things... together... the next day.


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