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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

another week?!?!

Have I ever linked to my flickr here? Well, there it is. Let's be friends. I love it. There are so many nice people there (and some pervs, but whatevs, I block/ignore them.) I am trying out this blogging from flickr thing, cause I like how you can put notes on things. So if you're interested in finding out what all this crap by my front door is, click the pic and look away! (well, assuming I kinda know what I'm doing and this works...)

Ok, so I went to the Dr and now I have to wait a week to find out what is going on with the elbow. Boo. However, this time I did not resist her efforts to put me on Vicodin. I'm done with the pain, time for the loopy drugs. I feel much better about it already.

In much more exciting news, I... now... own... PRADA! I'll post about it ASAP, and it's nothing too epic, but hey, I got myself $700 worth of Prada for FREE! Really, you are all going to be disappointed when you see it, but whatevs, I'm pretty pumped. That same day I also got these Michael Kors two strap mary-janes on clearance at DSW for $30!
Score! I am not a fan of going to the Mall of America, but I went with some friends on Saturday. We went to a few stores, had a few drinks at some terrible theme restaurants, it wasn't bad for being the MOA on a weekend. Will resume wearing clothes tomorrow. I was too grouchy and pain-filled to bother taking a picture this morning. Who knows, this Vicodin thing may put me in the mood to dress nuts again!


Sal said...

Vicodin? Oh dear, this sounds serious.

And look at you going all label-con on us. Do show the Prada when you can, I'm super curious!

elena-lu said...

oh dear be better

love the shoes

and i first met you on flickr so i know all about the stuff by the door! :-)

Riina said...

cute shoes! :)

Passion4Fashion said...

I have posted a blog award for you!

futurelint said...

ooh, thank you lady! I'm ridic flattered!


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