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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm an irresponsible blogger

I've been a bad blogger this weekend, sorry! I've got a few more "Spring Inspirations, Vicodin Style" posts for you, from when I was still on Vicodin. Luckily the elbow has returned to normal (They think my ulnar nerve -think funny bone- quickly snapped out of place, then back in place. It freaked out for a week because it doesn't like to be stretched out of place. Now it is back to normal, and unless it happens again, I won't need surgery or anything. Whoo! So behave yourself, elbow!) I may also write a few tonight (more like Spring Inspirations, Guinness Style - because drinking ONE of those and I'm looped for the night.) So happy St. Patrick's Day if you're Irish or into that sort of thing (I'm not Irish. I generally stay away from St. Paddy's celebrations because they are usually full of drunk frat-boy types. No thank you.) So I shall leave you with yesterday and today's outfits (spring is finally here!) Toodles!

Bolero - Target
Cross necklace - Josi Wert (local boutique that I pillaged as it was going out of business)
Dress - Free People (crazy outlet store!)
Tights - Target?
Shoes - Mudd (I know, but they were $3 for brown ballet flats)

I wore a little green today, but I'm not Irish, so didn't want to overdo it. I get enough people thinking I'm Irish on a daily basis.
Dress/tunic - handmade vintage ($10 ebay) 
Necklace - ?? it's old, added vintage boy's clip-on bowtie
 Jeans - Earnest Sewn 
Shoes - ModCloth (free, thanks to Daddy Likey!) 


Sal said...

SO glad your elbow healed itself! What a freaky little experience that was.

Love both of these, but that dress/bolero combo makes me deeply happy.

Awesome Abby said...

I'm so happy your arm is seemingly back to normal!!!!! I like the left one the best. (Outfit, that is!) :)

Julia mode said...

Lovely outfit !!! Love your look !


elena-lu said...

yay for the booboo being better i today have a lovely muscle spasm in my neck and willbe taking muscle relaxers in a bit
also, aahhhh! your hair is so cute down!


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