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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

stop the madness!

Oops! I realized I never posted my attempt at wearing red for Valentine's Day. Here it is! Sorry, don't own much red, will try to rectify that in the near future. I love this shirt however, as it makes me look like I have a torso! I know, a lot of people whine because they are all torso... I am the opposite. My pelvis and my ribcage are like an inch away from touching. I don't mind I guess cause that means I have long legs (well long legs for being five foot three inches tall!). People are always amazed at how far back the driver's seat in my car is and then explain how I have no torso and long arms and legs. They don't believe me and then I stand next to another girl (luckily every girl I know is about my height) and they are amazed. I'll post a pic one day of me and some girls and you will marvel at my lack of torso. This is why I don't wear '50s style dresses... no waist. Anyway, I'm getting distracted here... 

 Tank - little boys Fruit of the Loom
Shirt - thrifted at Fake Target
Skirt - Free People
Shoes - nicole (inherited from a friend who wore them to a wedding and vowed to never wear them again)

Today I wore this rather awesome frock that I also thrifted at Fake Target on Monday. Hello $4 gold knit dress!
Blazer - thrifted from little boy's section
Dress - thrifted at Fake Target
Bracelet - thrifted children's belt, wrapped around four times
Tights - thrifted at Fake Target
Shoes - thrifted Bakers
WHOO! 100% thrifted for once!

Ok, so I know at the beginning of 2009 every blogger and her mom was making a no-shopping promise. Well, I have a guaranteed job and for the first time in my life, a little bit of spending money. So I did not make such a vow. However, while putting stuff on my etsy and doing laundry and sewing, I started a pile on this giant blue thrifted trunk that I have at the end of my bed. It is all thrifted stuff I have not worn that is ready to be worn. There is also a pile on my desk chair of thrifted stuff that needs to be repaired, cut and hemmed, buttons replaced, etc. My shopping vow is this... I will not thrift shop for my etsy until I post everything I have at my house for the store in the store. I will not thrift shop for myself until I wear everything I have piled on the trunk AND piled in the sew pile (exceptions made for some sundresses and sandals that can't be busted out until Minneapolis decides to defrost). Anything I don't like on me, or don't LOVE, will go in the etsy. That's it. It will be hard, when I hear "the calling" (term stolen from Kingdom of Style, it's the word the queens use when they feel the urgent desire to thrift NOW.)

So, many thrifted items to be sewn tonight (I actually finished two last night!) and probably many strange outfits featuring the thrifted things I've been putting off attempting to style in a manageable way. Wish me luck!


elena-lu said...

good luck!

Destiney said...

Cute looks.!! Both outfits are pretty awesome.


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