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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm outta here!

Here is yesterday's outfit... So, I have a little six year old boy who comes in to my office every morning to switch out his "helpers" (aka his home hearing aids for his school hearing aids). He just got some new shoes and was totally excited about his Pumas. So of course I launched into super excited mode and started asking him if he could run faster and jump higher, and etc. He said, "It's too bad you can't wear them, Puma's are only for boys." Oh no, I assured him, I have a pink pair at home. "Could you wear them tomorrow?" So, the unintentional outfit challenge has been issued. I could not think of a harder thing to build an outfit around than pink tennis shoes. But, for Michael, anything! 

Crocheted coller - thrifted
Cardigan - Paul Frank (from crazy $2 outlet store!)
T-shirt - American Apparel
Pants - thrifted Express
Shoes - the pink Pumas from 10 years ago that started it all!

Here is today's outfit!

Cardigan - thrifted Old Navy
T-shirt - Target
Belt - thrifted Ann Taylor
Skirt - by the pound Goodwill
Tights - thrifted at Fake Target
Shoes - Michael Kors

And that will be it for a week. I'm leaving tomorrow to visit Megan and John in Boston. We're also going to NYC for two days. So I'll be back on Thursday hopefully with some good photos and stories!

In the mean time, I will be with these two clowns. Here is John and I the third year we did the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge. They have a costume contest and this time we were Miss Scarlett with the candlestick and Colonol Mustard with the rope from Clue! And here is Megan, this is us on a plane when we went to Florida to visit Adeline!

So goodnight sweethearts! See you in a week-ish!


My Shenanigans said...

Ah, that is the sweetest story! Have a great trip!

Sal said...

Have an awesome time, beautiful!

elena-lu said...

have fun fun fun !!

ipopheart said...

Im sure you will have bucket fulls of fun!!!!
i absolutely LOVE the collar you wore!!

My Big Mouth said...

Lol,cute that you made an outfit to wear the shoes just for this little boy.
Love the last few photos.The upclose one of you smiling, shows your eyes very well.All I can say is "gorgeous"!
Love the green mask at the end.It's the only picture ive with you looking right at the camera.

laura said...

i love the second outfit! (: the shoes are especially pretty.


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