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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time to Spring

Oxford - thrifted Koret of California
Belt - thrifted
Watch - from one of those toy bubble machines at the grocery store
Jeans - Gap
Sandals - thrifted Franco Barbieri

I've been cooking for Nate and I a lot more. We used to just go out to eat together mostly on weekends, but he's been coming over for dinner more and more. I love cooking but because I live alone, I'd often wind up eating the same leftovers for days and days or freezing the extras, so it's nice to have someone else to eat with. We made falafel the other day (my total fave) and yesterday we pulled the grill out of the garage now that the snow is gone and made fancy burgers. For some reason I was thinking about Caprese Salad all day so I made that too (kinda a random side for burgers but whatevs. The heart stomach wants what the heart stomach wants.) I never take pictures of food but this one was so pretty. Besides, if I'm gonna boil balsamic vinegar to make a balsamic reduction and cause my whole place to smell like boiled vinegar for hours, I better have something to show for it! 

Delicious to eat and stinky to make.

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