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Friday, March 16, 2012

Safety orange

Right before Thanksgiving, Nate and I randomly woke up super early on a Saturday. I needed to buy a turkey so it could defrost by Thursday so we ran to the grocery store at like 6:30am. I bought a turkey and this hat, which was $2. Is this a MN thing? You can buy a safety orange (also called blaze orange, hunter orange, vivid orange or Omaha orange) hat everywhere, even the grocery store. For your last minute hunting needs.

Hat - from a grocery store
Jean jacket - thrifted Wax Jeans
Dress - Lauren Conrad
Watch - Billabong
Sandals - Nine West Vintage America Collection

Whenever I wear knit hats, I feel very 1990s. I tried to mix it up though, and wear a fancier dress and wedges instead of a babydoll dress and combat boots, but still keeping a bit of a '90s grunge vibe. What can I say? As someone who graduated high school in 1999, the '90s were kinda my formative years/glory days, so I'll always appreciate the aesthetic.

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