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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hill Billy

There's something very "Elly May Clampett" about this shirt... I was originally planning to wear this with a black pencil skirt to give the goofy shirt a bit of sophistication but it was waaaaay too cold this morning for bare legs and I refuse to go back to wearing tights (pasty white legs are here to stay!)  So I embraced the double denim and kept it accessory free, so the focus was on the crazy embroidered shirt.

Blouse - thrifted vintage Wrangler
Jeans - Gap
Wedges - Nicole

I wasn't too sure about the shirt when I first saw it in the thrift store, it's pretty busy and kinda juvenile with the embroidery. But once I tried it on, I loved it. It's funny how that happens a lot, which is why I try on many insane things, because you just never know what is going to work on you vs. the hanger...  unfortunately it works the other way too. There have been many times that I've been in love with a dress at a thrift store and then tried it on and it just looks terrible. Eh, it all works out in the end, I guess.

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