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Friday, December 9, 2011

Photo fails

Sorry this post is late, I soooooo did not have time to take an outfit photo before hopping on the bus this morning. I was busy being awesome (aka eating leftover pizza for breakfast.) The breakfast of non-champions, frat boys with hangovers, and me.
12-9-11 December valentine
Sweater - thrifted Liz Claiborne
T-shirt - Target
Skirt - thrifted Banana Republic
Tights - Target
Shoes - Michael Kors

I'm excited! Tonight Nate the Date and I are "playing house." AKA babysitting this little fellow while my sister and her hubs go out to dinner with some friends. Pretty sweeeet. Do you think they make that hat in my size?

I did remember to take a few photos at the parade last night... yes, that first one is the Target dog, pinocchio, and a princess with blue hair riding a whale. So what? Also, a snowman baseball?

However, I failed to take a photo of Daniel and I AT the parade, so here is our cold-noses, warming up the car shot! Heeee! We've gone to the parade together every year for the past nine years!

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