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Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's "90s Day"

It's '90s Day for "Spirit Week" at the school where I work. Went for a bit of a Rayanne Graff vibe... just realized I forgot to tie my brown flannel around my waist before I took these photos, so just use your imagination! There are five tiny braids in my hair, secured in those little animal and flower Goodie barrettes.

Barrettes - Goodie (from high school)
Thermal shirt - Maurices (circa 1994)
Overalls - thrifted GAP (bought them for a 90s party a few years ago)
Tights - Target (they had a hole... so I added a few more)
Socks - Target
Boots - Dr. Marten's (I saved up my babysitting money in 8th grade for MONTHS to buy these)

I graduated high school in 1999 so the '90s were really my formative years. I carried a Kerokerokeroppi lunch box as a purse. I worked at a movie theater when I was 15 that reminds me very much of Empire Records (oh the drama! There were two gay guys from my school who worked there at a time when it was a HUGE deal that they were "out." Other workers, NOT me, did whippits on the roof during breaks. We used our keys to play all the arcade games for free when it was slow in-between movies. We also all sat in the huge ball-pit in the arcade after our shifts and talked forever. Titanic came out and sold out every show for like a month so it sucked trying to clean out the theater between showings. Our boss drank vodka out of a coffee tumbler and threatened to kill herself and all of us a few times. She scheduled employee-only midnight showings of Boogie Nights and Chasing Amy. After the place was robbed at knife-point, I stopped working there... but I still have like 50 more crazy stories about the place.) I went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner before the Homecoming dance with a bunch a friends. I wore a slip as a dress to the "Snow Ball Winter Formal." There was a bomb threat the last day of my senior year and everyone was scared there would be a school shooting when we evacuated out onto the football field. Instead we spent the day signing yearbooks and our whole senior class got out of taking three finals. I pierced my belly-button. I dressed up as Ginger Spice (along with 4 other friends who dressed as the rest), drank a jug of juice mixed with tiny airplane bottles of booze stolen from my friend Amy's parents, and went to a Spice Girls concert tipsy. I learned to like black coffee in 8th grade because it seemed the cool thing to do at the time. My art teacher let us watch MTV in class and everyone cried when they announced Kurt Cobain was dead. I had my first kiss in 8th grade on the chairlift of the ski hill where I spent every evening, all winter long (he is now gay.) I covered the entire ceiling of my bedroom with stuff I cut out of magazines. It was the '90s. It was so-called awesome. I could go on and on...

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