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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I don't believe in time

12-1-11 I don't believe in time
Cardigan - Target
Necklace - Shabby Apple via Two Birds giveaway
Skirt - thrifted vintage
Tights - TJ Maxx?
Shoes - Michael Kors

I won this necklace from a Two Birds giveaway... unfortunately it is just a necklace, not a functioning watch... um, what? I must say that I am baffled by society in general, but who the heck would pay $64 for what is essentially a broken pocketwatch? I have one that I bought at a garage sale and it was fifty cents and it's made of real gold! Regardless, I'm still glad I won as it is a really pretty necklace. I set it to 10:10 (which most catalogs do because it makes the clocks look "happy" because they are "smiling.") Why do I know this? I don't know. I have a "thing" for analog clocks. I have seven in my house. SEVEN. In three rooms. People come over and if I don't have the radio on, they always comment on the insane amount of ticking in the house. I like the sound.

Necklace and skirt detail:

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