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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Today... worn to teach summer school, take a million photos of fabric swatches for a custom order of these bikes for a nursery, make homemade salsa, and then babysit Henrik.
8-1-12 Magenta
Hair ribbon - belt off a dress 
Glasses - Prada
Dress - thrifted My Michelle (I hacked about a foot and a half off the bottom)
Sandals - Steve Madden

Nate's coming to help me babysit Henrik, not because I need help, but because Henrik is getting to that age where he is starting to be more fun! Infants are cute, but they can't do much. Now that he's 9.5 months, he's really starting to show his personality. Last time I saw him (like a week and a half ago) he was very into scooting under things... the ottoman, his jumper toy, the couch...
I'm taking it as a sign that he's already into forts so I have a feeling that he and I will make some insane blanket forts when he gets a bit older. 

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