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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whatever works...

Some days I can't even believe I have a style/OOTD (Outfit Of The Day - for my mom and other people confused by excessive abbreviations) blog. I'm not a glamorous person by nature. My job(s) aren't glamorous - well, except maybe the photo booth because all I do is hang out at weddings, which seems pretty posh but there is nothing glamorous about wrangling drunk wedding guests and deleting the late night bare butt photos (happens mooooore than you'd think) and giving up my social life every single Saturday night. Anyway, sometimes I feel like my blog is so small. So plain. So mundane. I don't work in fashion and wear heels and fancy jewelry every day. In fact, today I am wearing the enemy of fashion blogs everywhere (well, maybe tied with Crocs): flip flops. Which is ok with me. Like I said, I'm a regular girl, not a fancy girl. And I spent the day at the farmer's market with my summer school kids and then I went to the dentist. Exxxxxxxciting. Besides, I guess that's what is great about blogs. They're real, not a photoshopped fantasy (well, most of them anyway.)

8-8-12 Whatever works
Jean jacket - thrifted, DIY back by me
Dress - thrifted Norton Original (shortened by me, it was an awkward mid-calf length)
Pins - the Walker Art Center
Sandals - Old Navy

The back:
8-8-12 Back

The kids did some vegetable stamping with some folks from the Walker Art Center at the farmer's market today and they gave us free pins! 
Walker Art Center pins from the farmer's market

Also, we saw Minne the Lake Monster on the way there, the kids were stoked (don't make fun of me, sometimes I use surfer/Ninja Turtle lingo)!

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