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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two for one

Wednesday... I did a ton of random stuff around the house. I re-organized drawers so they look glorious (we'll see how long they stay that way).  I also hand washed a million things for myself and my etsy so my house is just covered in dripping, drying clothes. Then I helped a friend stretch some canvases. Playing with a staple gun is always fun! Maybe I've still got my recent trip to Wisconsin on my brain, cause I'm accidentally dressed in the Green Bay Packers colors...
8-22-12 Neon cheese
Necklace - thrifted
Sweater - J.Crew outlet
Shorts - American Eagle Outfitters
Sandals - thrifted vintage (brand worn off)

Thursday... worn to visit a huge sculpture my friend made, make cookies with my special needs buddy Daniel (it's his parent's 32nd wedding anniversary today so we made these for them but with dark chocolate chips instead of raisins.)
8-23-12 Tapestry
Shirt - thrifted newstock Target
Pants - thrifted girls Lands End (resewn by me, they were long flares)
Sandals - Roxy by Quicksilver

I've had these wooden sandals since high school... and couch pants detail.
Roxy by Quicksilver sandalspants detail

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