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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

f.u. h1n1 flu

Got that title? This swine flu business is ruining my perfect job. A million kids and their moms are now paranoid to the max... um, I think you just sneezed because it says right here in your file you have seasonal allergies. No, a bloody nose does not mean you have swine flu. No, you don't have swine flu because you ate bacon last week. That's great you were born in Mexico, you don't have swine flu. Repeat all day long. 

At least the kids are funny about it... the moms calling all day asking if we've had anyone with swine flu - NO! We have not! If we did, we'd all get a week off! Believe me, I'll let you know when that happens! Rawr, now I'm grouchy... is it Friday yet?

Jean jacket - thrifted Levi's
Necklaces - mostly thrifted
T-shirt - thrifted at Fake Target
Skirt - a local boutique when it was going out of business (Josi Wert)
Sandals - Charles David


Tina said...

What is a fake target?

futurelint said...

oops, I linked it, so you can read about it... I forget to do it sometimes and then get asked constantly!

Maggie said...

I've been recovering from a bronchitis. Everyone I run into asks if it might be the Swine Flu then launches into some conspiracy theory about how the flu is going to wipe out human existence.

I'm glad we are informed, but the panic and fearmongering is too much for me--especially when all I want is a warm quilt and a nap.

If they can pin-point each case on a Google Map, I think we're doing okay. I'll worry when the map has blobs of gradient colours. Until then, I will cover my mouth when I cough, wash my hands, refuse to shake hands, sneeze into my sleeve, and stay home until I feel better...


Myra said...

I like the skirt, very cool.

Sher said...

Nice skirt! Hang in there it's almost Friday :-)


Sal said...

That skirt is GLORIOUS, lady.

I've had a bad cold since Saturday and I can't TELL you how many swine flu jokes I've gotten. I feel for you, though. I'm sure the onslaught of terrified parents is relentless.

elena-lu said...

wow goodness that would be tough on anyone getting asked all the time over and over about this flu thing! you know now its not called swine flu but "2009 H1N1 flu" because of what you mention of "i ate pork am i at risk?" and other reasons
good luck and hopefully there will be less questions today... maybe?

ana b. said...

That skirt is so beautiful? Is that a lace print on the front or actual embroidery?

The text about swine flu is funny. I just came back from Asia and three days later got a throat infection and chicken pox! So instead I had ppl worried about bird flu.

futurelint said...

The front of the skirt is antique lace that is pieced together and hand stitched. It was $600, but I got it for $80 when the store was closing (and I still think that's an OUTRAGEOUS price for me to pay for a skirt, but I just couldn't resist...)

Awesome Abby said...

I was sort of grateful for the new news topic that was giving the word "economy" a break, but I'm already sick of the new one, too.

That skirt is awesome; this is my favorite outfit of the week.

Have fun playing baseball this week. I hope your weather is better than ours; we are having monsoons!


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