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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

idealogy and et cetera

You all read Already Pretty right? Well, if you don't, you should. Beautiful Sal is pretty amazing and pretty insightful and pretty pretty. Ok, I'm done with all that. Her post on describing yourself in five adjectives gives me a reason to go off on a tangent for you all!

Here were my five words (and why I chose them!)...

kind (As Kurt Vonnegut said, "There's only one rule that I know of, babies — God damn it, you've got to be kind." Being kind and helpful to others is the most important aspect of my life.)

silly (Serious is boring. Loosen up darlings.)

creative (Some days, there is just something inside me that NEEDS to get out, some days it's on paper with words, on others with canvas and paint, and others with fabric and thread but damn is creating things fun!)

thoughtful (I read, read, read. Learn learn learn. Think think think. Try try try.)

active (I fidget. I run. I have too many jobs and way too many hobbies. Turn off the tv, world.)

Seriously, I don't know if it's the spring finally being here or my vacation last week or what, but I just feel like my heart is bursting this week (in a good way!) I am not a very emotional person on the outside and really don't often want to sit and discuss feelings (lucky boyfriend!) but sometimes things are just so beautiful or sad or both where I just feel this swell inside. This happens a lot at good concerts. When I look at my photos from when I worked in a Dominican Orphanage. When I think about all my kids (not my "real" kids, I don't have those - my disabled teens that I worked with and loved for years and am still in contact with a lot of them). I am just having a heart swelling kind of week and everything is just so damn vivid. Anyway, go out. Enjoy your days. Your tragedies. The beauty. The sadness. Mostly the glory.  Oh, and the outfits.

Yesterday's b&w outfit...
Jacket - thrifted little boys wool jacket
Vest - ebay
T-shirt - Target
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Chinese Laundry

Today's insanely patterned nerdbomber outfit:
 Argyle sweater - GAP (I've had this sweater since 8th grade!) 
Necklace - had forever, added vintage clip-on bow tie 
Tank - thrifted GAP 
Skirt - secondhand Elevenses 
 Shoes - Naughty Monkey


Maggie said...

Hooray for Vonnegut! I'd have to really think about my adjectives. Maybe that'll be my post for tomorrow. Love the nerdiness as always.

thimbles and gingham said...

this was a lovely post. really inspiring- which is just what i need today as im feeling a little sick. thanks for making me think and smile.

Sal said...

Aww, thanks, doll! And it's fab to hear that your heart is overflowing these days - I know the feeling, and it's a good'un.

elena-lu said...

wonderful words!

love the black shoes with the white piping

happy day to you :)

Awesome Abby said...

I really think we were split up at birth. I have "my kids" too....someone asked me once...HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU HAVE?!?!?!? and my answer was too many to count.


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