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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Epic Italian silk vest

What is the plural form of pegasus? Whatever it is, observe... Hey there fancy pants!
White ruffled blouse - thrifted
Vintage silk vest - etsy (www.italianpostcards.etsy.com)
Dress - thrifted at Fake Target
 Shoes - Michael Kors

 I LOOOVE these shoes. Black AND brown so they match everything? Yes! Kinda look like they are made out of electrical tape? Yes! Only start to hurt around hour seven (including my 30minute lunch walk)? Yes! Love you, Michael Kors. I can't wait for your bitchy comments and snide remarks during the critiques on Project Runway. They make my day.


Lesa said...

I love this vest so much I am going to check them out. Also, what are your tatoos, I can't tell, but they are cute.

futurelint said...

Thank you! My foot tattoo is a line of five ants!

Sal said...

That vest IS epic! Lurve it.

elena-lu said...

oh yeah thats an awesome vest!!


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