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Thursday, April 23, 2009

mad science experiments

Ok, one of these days I'm gonna stop talking about Sal every day (maybe), but I really liked her post on how to hone your style. I think I'm still in the experimental phase of finding my style. I know style changes as people age and as their body changes and as they mature and as trends change and etc. But! I'm ALL over the place still. See...

Yesterday...This might be a bit, um, MUCH, but oh well!

Ruffled blouse - thrifted
Vest - thrifted
Bowtie - thrifted little boys clip-on
Bracelet - thrifted tiny belt
Satin pants - thrifted
Shoes - Penny loves Kenny

And today...

Scarf - Chanel
Cardigan - TJ Maxx
Yellow tank - Target
Green dress (worn inside out) - Free People
Sandals - thrifted Isaac Mizrahi for Target

How does one girl go from the satin pantsed and animal print cage heeled fierceness of yesterday to the prissy and springyness of today? I don't know either. Oopsy-doops. One day I'll reign in the style. In the meantime, I shall experiment away! Remember how in The Cat in the Hat, the only way to find out where something is, is to find out where it is not? I'm learning where I am not. And that is helping me find out where I am. This is true in clothes and jobs and hobbies and well everything in my life. It's not very efficient, but I'm having fun!


Sal said...

Oh lady, I'm so grateful for all the bloggy love you give me. ;)

And you know, I actually think of your style as being VERY well-defined. It's well-defined eclectic, but for someone as stylistically astute as you, "eclectic" means something waaaay different than the implications of scattered, confused, and messy that it would have for most.

I've never seen you post an outfit that's made me think, "That is SO not Christine." Your taste is for unusual, quirky pieces in experimental combinations - even your "prissy" outfit features a dress worn inside out! I know you're not ragging on yourself, and that you're proud to be experimental ... just wanted to chime in and say that, from where I sit, you've got your style totally nailed. Your style just happens to be broader than most.

Passion4Fashion said...

Hey. Thanks for reading. The chandelier is from Urban Outfitters. Click on the chandelier for the link!

elena-lu said...

oh i have no clue what my "look" is or what i would label myself i dont like labels so i dont really care i mean i want to feel good in what i wear and look stylish as far as what i think is stylish but what that really means yeah i dunno! i started to think it was a classic prep but that sounds boring doesnt it?? thats why i dont like labels cause people automaticlly link adjectives and that may be way off track you know? oh well now im rambling!!
you look way cute in both these
have a happy weekend :)

*Sally* said...

You so cool in one and so pretty in the other! You have such great fashion sense! I love the ways you put things together!


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