"" FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): Boston and NYC

Monday, April 6, 2009

Boston and NYC

Friday - arrive, drink $60 bottle of champagne to celebrate my friend Megan getting into a PhD program for psychology, walk to Chez Henri - have amazing Cuban sandwich and two mojitos, cab home!

Saturday - Megan and I start cooking (she's Cajun so we're making gumbo now and will let it simmer for hours and eat it for lunch), walk around parks, most of the Freedom Trail, see various historic things, I fall in love with the old graves (new t-shirt design inspired by them on the way!), wait in line for a half hour to get cannolis at Modern Pastry (totally worth it, I recommend the chocolate edged kind with ricotta), dinner at The Helmand (seriously the best Afghani food I've ever had!), stopped in a few bars on the way home, at Megan and John's I beat the pants off both of them in Scene It Seinfeld Edition!

Sunday - it is raining. I am sore (what?!? from walking all day?!?! it's odd...) We have a leisurely Sunday brunch at Sonsie and walk home in the mist. John goes home to study while Megan and I go to the Garment District (secondhand shop, reminds me of Ragstock) where I find a skirt and a pair of Marni pants, we cook dinner at home then go to Wally's Cafe for live jazz with Megan and John and their friend Nicole, which was insanely loud but really fun. Um, I don't have any pictures from this day (I'm such a bad tourist, I never take pictures) So, here is what I wore today (including the Marni pants from Boston!)

Monday - we are up and moving early since we have a 9am bus to NYC, subway to the bus, three and a half hours on the bus, get to New York! Walk MILES to our hotel in SoHo, drop off our stuff, get pizza and sangria for lunch at Lombardi's (awesome!), shop on Canal Street (no, not for fake Louis Vuittons or Faux-lex watches, I just bought two cheap scarves), wander to Magnolia bakery and find the cupcakes kind of meh, Megan drags me to Times Square against my will and it is horrible, go back to the hotel, get ready (eat leftover pizza for dinner), cab to Little Branch (shh, it's a secret!) and have DELICIOUS cocktails, cab home!

Tuesday - wander Central Park, imitate statues, get a little sunburned, lunch in Chinatown (Big Wong's or some such place - very good!), go down to World Trade Center against my will, is creepy, wander some more and bus ride back to Boston (get in around midnight!)

Wednesday - make awesome breakfast, Museum of Fine Arts, see giant baby heads and ancient artifacts, go to Angie's for lunch (rather awesome Mexican food!), time for me to be dropped at the airport!

So there you go, it was fun, I ate a lot, I drank a bit, I walked a TON, it was exactly what I needed (minus a tan). Laterz kidz - I've got home opener tickets for the Twins tonight! Going out for Thai food downtown with the boy, my friend J-Rod and my friend Matt beforehand! Yay! I am SO SO SO excited for baseball season (we all drafted our fantasy baseball teams yesterday, the weather should be warm enough to start PLAYING baseball in a few weeks!!!! BASEBALL, I LOVE YOU!)


hillary said...

You were on my block.

Awesome Abby said...

Ah....baseball. Here, you mention baseball, and all my other thoughts go out of my head. LOL. Those Marni pants are awesome, I love the photos, no wonder you were inspired by the grave (can't wait to see the shirt!), and I was going to say I gained about 10 pounds just reading your post, but then, thinking about all that walking helped me work it all off. :) Glad you had a (well-deserved) great time!!!!! (I think the doll head is creepy.)


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