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Thursday, April 9, 2009

More squealing!

Jacket - thrifted
Dress - thrifted 
Socks - Target
Shoes - bought in London 11 yrs ago, brand wore off long ago

I have three or four of these little jacket/blazer things that I've thrifted. I think all or most of them are College Town brand. I never know how to wear them! Does it look too outerwear to wear inside?

I got the best compliment ever on my flickr for this outfit, which is that I look like Bernadette Peters in Annie. Hooray! I loved her in that movie. In fact, that was the inspiration behind the second outfit from this post (I think it's the hat that reminds me of her character!)

Oh and remember THESE which I loved but was too cheap to spend $165 bucks on?? Who just ordered them off amazon.com for $62 including shipping? ME! Hopefully the fit (they only had sizes 5-7, I usually wear a 7.5 but can often fit in a 7... here's hoping!) I am also hoping I can rock them once or twice before it gets too warm!

Still feeling giddy today... plus the boy's roommate who has been out of town for weeks is coming back tonight! Whoo! We have this odd greeting where you grab the other person's face with both hands, give them a really big and wet kiss on the lips, and then slap them across the cheek (not HARD but well, kinda hard. Oh, and he is gay. Does that make the kiss and slap better? Or at least make a little more sense?). I don't know why! We get odd looks when we do it in public, but most of my friends are used to our antics! I'm excited to see him! Plus, the parental units are coming to visit this weekend!!!! And so is the boy's family! AHHHH! Will my parents meet his mother?!?! I'm such a grown-up (not really!) BYEEEEE!


elena-lu said...

lol! you're too funny! so does this mean i have to grab kiss and slap you when ever WE meet??

Sal said...

The boots! The boots! They're MAGNIFICO!


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