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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

mostly I wore my waitressing apron

Sorry kids, I had a crazy weekend. The parental units were in town (yay!) and I had to waitress all day Saturday (now that the golf course is open) and all day Sunday (Easter brunch, I hate you. One year I will eat the brunch and not serve the brunch. At least I didn't have to wear the bunny costume this year...) The boy's family was in town too and I didn't get to see them at all, but they understood since my family was in town. The most exciting part is that my dad brought up the new boom for the boy's boat! My boy has a sailboat. We broke the boom (the long thingie that holds the sails when they're up) when it was SUPER windy last year and we were going really fast. Oops. It was pretty old anyway. So my dad took the cracked one at Christmas and whipped up an exact copy in awesome nautical wood! It will be time to sail soon! Yay! The other exciting thing is they brought me a gas grill! We bought my grandpa a huge new grill for his 85th birthday three years ago. Then he moved into a retirement community with my grandma and gave his giant $600 Weber grill (with a rotisserie and side burners!) to me! Pool parties at my house just got a whole lot fancier!

Seriously, I have the best summers ever. Not to brag, but I work like 25 hours a week (waitressing, bartending, and driving the bev cart at a private golf course - great money, no stress!), go sailing with the boy, have pool/grilling parties at my condo every Sunday morning, play baseball every Sunday afternoon in Kenwood park, ride one of my three bikes everywhere I go, go camping, go to outdoor movies and the drive-in, go to Twins games, go to outdoor concerts... I'm so excited! Summer is just so freeing!

Here is yesterday's outfit (Hey Sal, check it out, TWO smiling pics for you!)

Cardigan - thrifted at Fake Target
T-shirt - Target (neckline fringe added by me!)
Pants - secondhand Marni
Sandals - thrifted vintage Candies

And today's $6 outfit!

Scarf - street vendor in NYC $4
Dress - crazy $2 outlet store (Opitz Outlet annex)
Boots - inherited from aunt (she got them in Italy in the '80s)

I always feel like I look like a bitch when I wear sunglasses and one of my leather coats...

But I'm not! I assure you!

P.S. Anyone who wants to be added to my blogroll (aka MY SIDEKICKS), let me know, and we'll do a link exchange!


Sal said...

You are GORGEOUS when you smile, lady! And I am SO coming over this summer and demanding grilled burgers.

Myra said...

I love the 2nd outfit.

Passion4Fashion said...

Bev cart drivers are the best. Well I guess I am biased as that was my past job title while I was working the summers away during school!

Rock the bev cart!

Love your outfits!

D'Rae said...

That 2nd outfit with your hair down is awesome!
ps. can I be your sidekick?

daddylikeyblog said...

Aaaahhhh your smile just lit up my life!

elena-lu said...

i looove your smile!!!!!

ps--- you had to wear a buny costume?? and are there pictures??


futurelint said...

Yeah, every year one of the staff members has to be the Easter bunny and seat the families for brunch and give the kids their baskets and organize the egg hunt. I haven't had to be the bunny for about five years... my boss probably has a picture of it on her computer somewhere... it is fun because the kids are cute but it is HOT in that bunny suit!

elena-lu said...

i bet its hot!! but i can also see the fun those kids have sooo sooo good!

disa said...
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