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Thursday, July 3, 2008

I did NOT fall off a porch in this later in the night...

Well, after running around like a madman, buying baseballs, watermelon, bugspray, chips, etc... I am home. Now, to pack a bag for Ryan's cause I won't be home until Monday. BBQ at my friend Kai's house tonight, baseball and grilling tomorrow (Ryan's birthday!!!!), sailing all day Saturday, baseball and pizza party Sunday. Quite a weekend! And most importantly NO WORK till my Tuesday double shift. Ooh, and Carl the car will be repaired starting on Monday! Hooray! In my running around after bartending today, I found this XXL shirt on super clearance at Target, removed the bottom drawstring thingie, ironed it and viola... new dress to wear lots of bangles with.
And I love these shoes and have had them forever but never get to wear them. They are made of wood and they are SO LOUD on tile/wood floors. I would get so many dirty looks when I wore them around to classes at the U. They would clop clop down the hallway and echo into classrooms. I just acted oblivious with my headphones on. Hee-hee!

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