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Friday, July 18, 2008

recipe for hilarity

So last night, my boyfriend's roommate Chris convinced me and Ryan to go see the 12:01 showing of... no, not the new Batman flick... but Mamma Mia! There were crazy Batman nerds to stare at, some of whom had been in line for tickets since 10 am when the theater opened! There were also the pissed off pseudo-fans to laugh at, who showed up at 11:50 and were so mad that all three screens were sold out. Anyway, we got tickets for Mamma Mia and a suspicious look from the cashier, I guess we look more like Batman fans that Abba fans... So, we snuck in flasks, spiked giant $5 sodas, and Chris and I sang and laughed our butts off (do I need to point out the fact that Chris is gay? I don't, do I?) Anyway, I had a hella good time (even Ryan said it was fun and he was pretty apprehensive about going at all). I would highly recommend grabbing a musical-loving friend, saying who cares to the fact that I am a Broadway nerd, and having a few illegal cocktails.


Joanna Goddard said...

what fun! :)

your blog is so cute.

also, i saw this comment you wrote on mine: "I have a friend whose parents let him and his sister pick their own middle names when they were five. His sister's middle name is Rainbow, his is Matchbox. Awesome!"

and i'd love to chat with you about it for a possible story i'm writing. would you mind emailing me? thank you so much! xo joanna joanna_goddard@yahoo.com

was it something i said? said...

i went and saw the new batman last night! err, this morning. though most excellent, i nearly fell asleep near the end of it. 2 1/2's for me to sit still?? no fun.

buy a ticket and go see zooey with me!!! :)


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