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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ok, first things first... I LOVE the Sandlot. LOVE it. FORRR-E-VERRR. I've always liked it but as my baseball obsession grows in general (boo on you Red Sox for what you did to the poor little Twins), my love for the Sandlot grows too. I love all things related to the '50s. It just seemed such a great time to grow up. I love all the cliches... the dresses. the music. the innnocence. the malt shops. the drive-in. the dances. Grease. Stand by Me. THE SANDLOT. Wendy Peffercorn. Geez, do I love it all. Oh, I know it had it's major flaws, but it all seems so romatic, innocent, and simple. Okay, on another note, here is the outfit for today...

I'm off to go watch the Sandlot. Again.

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E said...

Oh, the Sandlot is such a classic... Working as a lifeguard for so many years, though, I was always a little nervous for a Wendy moment to happen to the pretty girls I guarded with. Once time it actually DID happen!

I flippin' love those shoes!


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