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Thursday, July 24, 2008

insulting Jay

Who else loved season one of Project Runway? Don't get me wrong, I like all the seasons, but the first one was the best (other than Wendy, for reals, how did she make it to the finals? Jaws!) But Jay McCarroll was the best designer on that show, EVER! I loved his personality and his final show, jeez was I blown away by the colors (which Michael Kors called too "DTM, dyed to match" and made some reference to dying satin bridesmaid shoes at Payless... it's okay though, I love Michael Kors and his bitchy little comments, they are my fave). So, what is the point of all this? I have the day off today and hit the holy grail of thrifting awesomeness at the Arc's Value Village in New Hope. I haven't tried it all on, and haven't put anything in the shop yet, but will soon, but I found the most magnificent quiled (a la Jay) vest! I seriously never would have looked twice at it, let alone bought it if it weren't for Jay and his quilted coats and whatnot. So, in his matchy-matchy style, I bring you... MAUVE! (seriously insulting him here with this less than chic outfit, but I will find the right combo to rock it properly one day soon...

I'm off to go model my new stuff for my etsy.
P.S. I am watching Harold and Maude and have I mentioned how much I LOVE it?

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E said...

You look great in all that mauve, Lady!


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