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Thursday, July 17, 2008

two outfits, no waiting

I have finally put on clothes other than my uniform. It's weird how much I don't feel like myself when I have to wear a uniform. I just feel... shier, insecure, more out of place, etc. Hopefully, I will have a "real" job again soon. I applied for the first one I liked and got through their preliminary process. I doubt I'll get it, it is a stretch for me in terms of my knowledge and experience, but who knows? When a $9 an hour raise is on the line, you stretch like hell. Anyway, here is yesterday and today's ensembles...
Oh yes, I am getting my $2 worth out of that white and brown belt. It is now my most favorite belt eva!

Otherwise, nothing much here. No baseball to watch during the all-star break... boo. However, Morneau winning the home run derby... yeah! Morneau scoring the winning run in the 15th inning and nearly 5 hours into the all-star game... double yeah! Also, I am pretty happy with my etsy... I just sold a vintage skirt last week, then a vintage shirt this week, and I just sold a t-shirt the other day. Go me! I'm about breaking even I figure, with all the thrifted stuff I am keeping... oh, well. I wasn't meant to be rich, clearly, or I wouldn't work in social services. Loves!

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E said...

That was pretty flippin' exciting about Morneau!

I love your blue dress!


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