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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

no clothes!

No, I have not run out of clothes, there are oodles of those. I just haven't been wearing clothes much this summer. For example, I am waitressing from 11am-10pm today. Why bother? I've been wearing a dress I threw on to go to Ryan's at like 11pm last night until I have to change into my glamorous waitressing uniform. Actually it's not bad, just a white oxford, black pants, and black apron. Anyway, I will try to put on clothes tomorrow since I only bartend till 4pm. In the mean time, I dressed up my chairs! I bought these chairs at IKEA like four years ago when I bought my condo. Actually, my mom bought them. She was feeling generous and while I didn't love these chairs, I figured they were neutral enough so I could change the pillows and get a new look. I've changed the top pillows a few times but they were still never my favorite things. Now, I reupholstered the bottom cushions and viola, I am in love. They sit on either side of my fireplace with a sweet little chess table in-between. I think it looks fab! Behind door #1


Behind door #2

So, there are the chairs' new outfits! Gotta go get ready for a long day on my feet, laterz.

1 comment:

E said...

Oh, very cool! That green pattern is way rad.

I'm sorry about your long days, that's never fun... Until you have a bunch of money to spend on fun things, right?


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