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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boo on you, crime

I hate crime. This is not a revolutionary statement, I'm guessing that everyone but criminals and fans of heist movies hates crime. On Saturday morning, someone came in to Ryan's house while we were sleeping and stole his laptop. They had to move the couch, unplug it, and get out the door. Unfortunately, a friend who was at the house left for about 5 minutes, and left the door open. When he returned, the computer was gone. No one really cares about the computer, it was a few years old and our rather intense friend "Shut-up Chuck" had stepped on the computer last year, thus cracking the screen in a major way. We are however, horribly torn up over the thousands of photos on the computer. Years of memories will not be seen again. Yes, I have a few of them on my computer, and there are still a lot on Ryan's camera that were never uploaded, but still. Boo on you, dude who stole the computer. Boo on you to the dude who totaled my car in that hit and run like two weeks ago. Boo on you to the guy who mugged me at 8am on Hennepin Ave last August. Boo on you to the dude to mugged James. and Joel. and Chris five times. Boo on you to the drunk guy who pulled a knife on us last summer. Boo on you to the dude who just stole Claire's laptop on Friday too! Boo on you to the guy who tried to get in my house "to go to the bathroom" and then showed me his penis when I wouldn't take the chain off the door. Why are me and my friends such victims? I hate feeling paranoid and unsafe. I'm getting ready to kiss Uptown and downtown goodbye and stay in the 'burbs where I feel safe. Boo indeed.

I'm going to go to Goodwill and make myself feel better I hope. I have the day off and can photograph some stuff for the shop. In the meantime, stay crime-free.

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E said...

Oh my gosh, how terrifying! Thankfully you're both okay and that was all that was stolen, but WOW.

Boo on Crime indeed :(


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