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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Never gonna get it (cue EnVogue)

This whole etsy thrifting venture is blowing up in my face... yeah, I've sold a few things... yeah, I have a lot more stuff to photograph, measure, and post... but I wind up keeping MORE STUFF. One of the points was to clean out my stuffed closets. Anyway, since it was bound to happen, here are a few of the things I can't bear to sell...

The little boys fringed suede vest from Mexico ($2 at a thrift store!) Ok, it doesn't really fit over my boobs but COME ON, it's adorable.

I also can't give up the granny-ish shoes. I don't know why I like them, but I just do.
I mean, they are from Talbots for goodness sakes! The ultimate preppy grandma store (One of my gay boyfriends does call me "The Granny Tranny" sometimes for dressing like an old lady/tranny combo at times.)

This weird little shirt which it is too hot to wear now, but I will rock it come fall. It's SUPER thin jersey, with a thick elasticy waist and arm cuffs. There is also a tiny bow up by the neckline. $2 CUTE!
Very granny tranny.
This little maroon vaguely Asian top (am I paranoid that those little characters are saying something nasty about me? a little.) This was a big $3 and once again, I cannot close it due to my exorbitantly large boobs, but I don't like mandarin collars on me when they are closed anyway.
I just got that belt for $2 and I love it! It is white, wide, elastic, and has a huge brown buckle in front. LOVE! I also got that skirt at a thrift store, but it is just Isaac Mizrahi for Target, but I love it's fake wood grain pattern. I am a little obsessed with fake and real wood grain. Anywhoo, that is all for now, but that is not all I have kept. There was also the little brown '40s or '50 dress, the little blue suitcase, and a ruffly shirt I may wind up selling. But in the mean time, I put up a few pairs of shoes I was tempted to keep (including these awesome navy blue sandals)
I will post some more new stuff in the shop soon. Time to go running for the first time in like 10 days!

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