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Friday, February 8, 2013

School spirit

Today's the last day of spirit week at the school where I work and today everyone just had to wear our school shirts. I jazzed it up a bit with these old jeans. I made them when I was 19 and wore them all the time... 12 years later, I still like to whip them out once in a while and wear 'em. In fact I just noticed that they're on my header! 
Jacket - c/o Jacob
T-shirt - from work
Jeans - thrifted Abercrombie, patches added by me
Loafers - Enzo Angiolini

Since today was a pretty boring dress-up day, lets revisit some of my past faves!

Two different years of '80s Day...
12-8-10 It's '80s Day!12-17-08 It's '80s Day!

Followed of course, by one year of '90s Day...
12-15-11 It's "90s Day"

Superhero Day and Celebrity Day...
12-13-11 Clark Kent/Superman12-9-10 Mary-Kate

I wish we had dress-up days at school all the time! It's so fun and the kids look hilarious! And sadly I just have all these insane things laying around to make all these costumes. 

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