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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I need a wind machine

Today is one of those days when it would be nice to be one of those bloggers without a real job (let alone me, who has 3 jobs and an etsy), one who can run off to some cool location and snap a million photos. Because ladies and gents, this skirt is ah-mah-zing when it moves and when it's windy. It's basically always windy downtown where I work, and then I catch a reflection of it in a skyscraper and wish I had brought a camera on my lunch walk... BUT! I can either blog from the stairs or not blog at all because mama doesn't have time for photo field trips (has referring to yourself as "mama" when you aren't a mom died enough for me to resurrect it? It was totally my jam in high school.) Regardless, here's the beautifully moving skirt, standing very, very still. Boo.

Blazer - thrifted JH Collectables
T-shirt - beck.com
Skirt - thrifted vintage (no tags)
Booties - Modern Vintage

Still. Standing. Still. :(
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Time to buy a wind machine and make this blog look like an '80s hair band's ballad video.

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