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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drag queens and sequins

One year ago today, I was very nervous about going on a first date with this character...

Now, I'm pretty sure that date will go down in history as my "last first date." Yep, it's been a year (a leap year at that!) since Nate and I first met. So we went to Lyle's (a crappy local bar) last night, where we met for our first date. We were supposed to watch a Twins game last year but it was rained out and so we just wound up hanging out and talking. Last night, we did get to watch a Twins game but unfortunately they lost. But fortunately, and to our surprise, there was a free game of "Lyngo" going on at the bar! So we got to play bingo too and Nate won a "bucket-o-bar"...

and then so did I! It's just an ice bucket full of stuff like a koozie, pint glass, t-shirt, church key, etc.

Sooo, that was our one day early, but not really because it was a leap year, anniversary celebration. Nate is moving tonight and I've got my special needs buddy so we couldn't really celebrate tonight. Anywho, here is what I'm wearing today:

Sequin top - Gryphon
Oxford - Target
Jeans - Old Navy
Sandals - Nine West

I wanted to find a way to wear my New Year's Eve sequin top to work today but even the highest of my high-waisted skirts wasn't cutting it. So I threw on an oxford, some holey jeans, and patent leather sandals and called it good. I like it!

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