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Monday, June 6, 2011

Chevron and buttons

I am very tired today but I think it is somewhat hidden by the fact that I actually went in the sun and thus immediately got tan. 
Tank - little boys Fruit of the Loom 
Dress - crazy $2 outlet store 
Belt - thrifted, buttons added by me 
Shoes - Van Eli 

Friday night I hung out with Mohawk Boy and we just sat around talking and listening to music and suddenly it was 4am... Saturday we went boating with a few of his friends, then I went to go work a wedding for the photo booth (and oops, the pictures of what I wore are trapped on my home computer, so I'll post it tomorrow). Then we met up with a bunch of my friends and went to the Glow-a-Bout thing, stopped by the Walker Art Center for their after hours thing, went to the gay bar, then oops, sat around talking until 5am... Sunday we went to Big Stone Mini Golf (for those of you in the cities, GO THERE. It is seriously, seriously amazing. Sculpture garden/farm/mini golf. It's so cool! Every person I've taken there has been blown away and immediately wants to bring everyone they know there.) Here's a picture from last summer of my favorite hole (Holey Ship!), which is inside an upturned old boat, with fused glass windows.

Then we went and watched the Twins game and went out to dinner. A fabulous weekend! And, only three more days of school until I'm done for the summer! I'm super-duper excited!  

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