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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Note to self - must pack leather chaps?

Alright kids, I'm outta here! I'm heading off on a 10+ hour road trip to Rapid City, South Dakota. After over two years of dating (and two years of friendship before that) it's time to meet the Ryan's dad. and step-dad. So I'll be back with a massive photo update, but in the mean time, just picture me in the following places...

Staying on a ranch for part of the trip! Me! Riding horses!

Hiking! Cliff diving! (neither of these things will occur on Devil's Tower, which this is a picture of, but you know, I'll SEE the tower.)

Not actually going to the Harley Davidson annual rally in Sturgis, but it's going on right now and it's right by Rapid City so I imagine I will see (and HEAR) an awful lot of motorcycles this trip.


And in these picures, perhaps I'll be rocking the following belt once or twice. Which was SO easy but took FOREVER to do (how long is forever? Half a season of Pushing Daisies, followed by Pleasantville then The Darjeeling Limited. Perhaps it would have gone faster had I picked less visually arresting DVDs. Hmmm...)

Want to make one of your very own??? Follow these complicated DIY instructions:
1. Find stretchy elastic belt (I got mine at Goodwill for a buck and it is by Simply Vera - not so simple now, is it Vera? IN YOUR FACE!)
2. Pick a color scheme and stitch in a crapload of buttons.
3. Whoo-hoo! You're done (10 hours later). Now go reward yourself with a smoothie and some band-aids on your multiple needle stab wounds.

Got all that? I must go finish the packing (dread) in mustard yellow hardshell vintage suitcase (yesss!) See yous on Tues? ish?


Sal said...

LOVE THAT BELT. But dang it looks like a lot of work. Easy but pokey work.

Have an awesome time in SD!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

um. hot glue gun maybe? :P

hope the trip is awesome! have fun!

Sher said...

I would pick my fingers so bad they would look like swiss cheese.

I want to see a picture of you on a horse! And leather chaps are sexy....:D

ipopheart said...

The belt is INCREDIBLE. And pleasantville is also pretty killer.

Kimberly said...

Love that belt!!! Hmmm, may just have to be a big copy cat and make one for myself!

Seasons said...

love the belt, but i think i'll let you mutilate your own fingers... when i get the courage, i'll try. But, great tip! Enjoy the visit.


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