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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday, Photo Booth, Gay Pride Parade

It was Mohawk Boy's birthday the other day so here is what I wore to take him out to dinner and then go out for a few drinks with his friends. He turned 28, so until August (when I turn 30) I seem like less of a cougar as he is only a year younger than my age...

Dress -thrifted Isaac Mizrahi for Target Sample
Brooch - thrifted
Shoes - thrifted Candie's

Worked a wedding for the photo booth last night:
Tank - Target
Skirt - Alexander McQueen
Shoes - Charles David

Alright, I'll write more next week, but for now I gotta go! It's Gay Pride Parade time followed by a BBQ for a friend who is in town from Colorado. Rest assured, I am taking full advantage of my lack of schedule for right now and having the most fun ever! Laterz!

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