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Thursday, June 2, 2011


(So braindead in fact, that I just wrote "Breadead." The bread is dead. It's toast.) Sorry about that... Tknodowinemocjowend ... I cannot get my brain to start working this a.m. I'm going to blame it on the Ulysses Book Club (which was the Jack & Ginger Club last night, apparently). Which then compelled me to stay up too late talking to Mohawk Boy about Important Things like Roadhouse (and whether it is funnier when Patrick Swayze tackles a guy off a motorcycle or when he does a dancer leap out of an explosion - feel free to throw your two cents in). So here you go... my braindead outfit. I love this skirt. It has crazy built in white shorts/underwear on the inside, which I enjoy showing to people. Which generally makes people uncomfortable because it's like, hey, lemme lift up my skirt like a four year old girl in a Christmas pagent for a sec because LOOK AT THE INSANE BUILT IN SHORTS/UNDERWEAR COMBO INSIDE, I DO NOT CARE THAT WE ARE IN PUBLIC AND PEOPLE ARE STARING, THEY ARE TOO HILARIOUS NOT TO SHOW YOU RIGHT THIS SECOND. Anyhoo...
T-shirt - Target
Skirt - thrifted vintage
Bangle - thrifted
Sandals - Jessica Simpson

Wham! You didn't think I was going to blather on about the undies and then not show them did you? Shame on you. Actually, I was going to but then I realized I love you guys so I totally went into the bathroom at work and took that picture. For you. Normal people do this, yes?

P.S. Yes, I realize I should just cut the shorts out and it has crossed my mind many times but then I would deprive myself of the fun of showing them to people. So they're staying. Forever. I swear. By the moon and the stars and the sun.

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