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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flowers and things

I love this shirt (I feel like I say that about some item of clothing every day... I guess because I usually pick one thing that I feel like wearing to build an outfit around and today it was this shirt.) The pattern is super cute and something about it just reminds me of early '80s block parties and my aunts drinking wine coolers.
 Blouse - thrifted Liz Claiborne (previously worn here)
Skirt - Brooklyn Industries (previously worn here)
Wedges - Unisa

Yesterday was pretty fun. Mohawk Boy came over and we went swimming in my pool, since it reached 103  degrees in MPLS (but with 20-40mph winds so we were also getting blasted in the face with gravel and bits of trees)... then we went to a dive bar to drink shitty beers and watch a super boring Twins game. Regardless, it was fun, because he is fun. More importantly tomorrow is the last day of school!!! Then I have like 3 weeks off, then I work summer school from 8am-12pm for six weeks, then I have a few more weeks off! Wahoo! I guess this heat wave officially makes it summer (I think this graphic applies to more than Toronto, yes?)
Image via The Week That Wasn’t by Sarah Lazarovic: Toronto Seasons

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