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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weddings and Vegas, not Vegas weddings

Saturday night I had to work a wedding for the photo booth out at a farm in Stillwater. It was in the middle of nowhere. The guys who set up the booth gave me a call and warned me that the booth was running on a generator under a tent and the gravel road leading up to the tent was entirely made of deep mud. Fun... so I brought "Mariah Carey" the boot and a sandal to wear during the reception...
6-16-12 Photo booth style files (39)
Dress - thrifted vintage Alfred Shaheen
Watch - thrifted vintage
Right sandal - Steve Madden

But I also brought the galoshes... and I'm glad I did! It was muddy and I had to wear bug spray and the lights on the booth attracted every moth in the midwest, but it was still fun! The decor was really eclectic and cool and very much my style, the bride and her family were awesome and they tipped me like crazy! So the 50 minute drive and mud hike was totally worth it!
Boots - thrifted Northerner

I don't smoke but couldn't resist this vintage Camel watch. It was $3 and all it needed was a new battery!

On Tuesday morning I went to see my orthopedist and he says I can take off the boot! I can even start biking and swimming, but no running or jumping until August 1st. I can walk a bit, but here's the kicker... I have to wear heels. At all times. Even around the house. Not skyscrapers or anything, but like a wedge heel, which helps keep some pressure off my healing calf muscle. It feels weird wearing shoes inside and walking around the house. But I'll take it!

Here's what I wore, first day sans boot...
6-20-12 Viva Las Vegas
Shirt - thrifted vintage (going in the etsy soon)
Short - thrifted Old Navy
Sandals - thrifted vintage Dr. Scholl's

I was tempted to keep this awesome glitter graphic shirt, but I'm not really a Vegas kinda girl...
Though it does remind me of Chrissy from Three's Company, which is a plus.

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