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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pink and pastel

Worn to eat brunch with the fam before my mom left town (then to run errands all day in the pouring rain.) I just thrifted this awesome blouse (it was super stained when I bought it but it was only $2 on half-price day at Arc's Value Village, so I figured it was worth the risk. A full day of soaking in some OxiClean and it's good as new!)

Shirt - thrifted vintage 
Skirt - American Apparel
Right sandal - Steve Madden

I've had this dress forever, but it was handmade and unfinished... so I finally got around to fixing some things in the sewing pile now that school's out and I've got some free time. Worn to work the photo booth for the premiere of the Roman Holiday musical on Friday...
Dress - thrifted handmade, some finishing done by me
Watch - Michael Kors
Right sandal - Sketchers

Cute flowery fabric that is somehow neon-ish yet pastel-ish...

Ok, I've gotta go run to an early morning dr. appointment to see how my leg is healing! Hopefully I can ditch the boot soon! I'm really sick of it and ready to ride my bike again!

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