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Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Murphy

Well, it turns out my ankle hurt so much because I tore a muscle in my calf about 2 weeks ago. It bled internally and there was nowhere for the blood to go but down. So it all pooled in my ankle and was irritating all the nerves and ligaments in my ankle. It's official and depressing. This is the most expensive boot I own:

There's not even a pair, it's plastic and has velcro straps. BUT! It does come with air pumps like those '90s basketball shoes my little brother had. I will hopefully only have to wear it for 2-3 more weeks, but we'll see! So, until then, I think I'm ushering in "The Kneesocks Era" here on the blog. Luckily I have a lot of kneesocks, so here we go! 

Blouse - thrifted newstock Target
Skirt - DIY (it's made out of deadstock vintage boxer shorts)
Socks - Target
Shoe - Steve Madden

My skirt made of vintage underwear:

I'm also extremely limited in my shoe selection. The boot has a 1-1.5 inch rounded sole on it, so I'm all off-kilter when I wear flats. These shoes have a bit of a platform so they work pretty well, so be prepared to see that right shoe a lot over the next few weeks. I've never had a cast or broken a bone before so I'm not used to all the attention and questions. So far my typical answer to "What happened?" is "Nothing. I just finally decided to begin my slow transition into a Robocop."

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