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Friday, June 8, 2012

Moar stripes!

Do I remind myself of... A candy cane? Where's Waldo? Not sure, but I like it!

Shirt - J.Crew outlet
Dress - thrifted Norton Original (shortened by me, it was an awkward mid-calf length)
Sock - TJ Maxx
Right sandal - Steve Madden

It's the last day of school! As is tradition, the morning begins with "The Final Countdown" being blasted over the loudspeakers and ends with our band teacher doing karaoke to Alice Cooper's "School's Out." Woooo-hooooo! Nate is picking me up from work and we're heading off to see his family in Marshall, MN (a 3 hour drive.) His brother and his wife are flying in to Minneapolis today from NYC and we're driving them to Marshall and hanging out for the weekend. I've never met them before so I'm excited! 

P.S. There is a big white leaping reindeer on my red sock today but you can't tell because "Mariah Carey" is in the way! Shhh! Don't tell anyone I'm wearing a Christmas sock in June!

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