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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm not festive.

Sorry, I don't do the St. Patrick's Day "thing"... I'm not Irish and the holiday has been entirely abducted by drunk douchebags. (And hey, at least I'm not wearing orange like last year, which was accidentally some sort of political statement about Ireland apparently?)
Cardigan - Free People
Dress - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Belt - thrifted Frye
Socks - Target
Boots - thrifted

I've had this cardigan for years (back before I realized that Free People is owned by the same evil, gay-hating dude who owns Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie), I just always forget about it because it's soooo obnoxious and difficult to wear. Sweater detail:
I am glad it's St Patrick's Day though... I work in the nurse's office of a K-12 public fine arts school. This morning, when the KG students went up to their classrooms, there were desks turned over and papers all over the floor! There were also green footprints, some gold coins, and a clue about where the leprechaun was going to go next. The kids go on a scavenger hunt through the school and I get to be one of the clues! Yay! It is uber adorable!


Sal said...

Your school sounds AMAZING.

I'm not festive either. I've got a green tattoo, and that's plenty.

Rebecca said...

I like going to the St. Patrick's Day Parade, but I think that is a requirement for living in St. Paul.

two birds said...

that is the cutest thing ever about the school! my son set up a "leprechaun trap"...i hope he catches him! i wear green, but that's the extent of it.

tasty moog said...

yea there is this awful irish themed bar on one end of my 'hood that does some sort of all day affair, it attracts the dumpiest douchebags. luckily, i live on the other end of the 'hood and can avoid it to an extent.

i know urbn's founder is a total rethug (although oddly enough the ceo is openly gay-- guess Hayne needed a high-profile token hire to distract people from the fact that he has donated to wackjobs like Rick Santorum), and i am trying to curb my anthro cravings. thinking about their asshole overlord does stop me from purchasing too much, and almost never full price. i haven't shopped at uo or fp in years.

CAITLIN said...

how can you not be irish? you have red hair! just kidding. but seriously, this day really is just an excuse for people to get drunk and be idiots. hopefully you'll catch a break with those kindergarteners...

joelle van dyne said...

aww that sounds so cute about the scavenger hunt at school! i love it. my mom used to pull me out of school for the holiday because my school didn't do anything special- and she is a die-hard fan of the holiday. i really love your outfit, green or not- the patterns on the sweater are gorgeous.

Baby Budget Blog said...

Cute cute cardigan! Love your style :) Come visit me and maybe we can follow each other?


Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

that sweater is seriously amazing i love how intricate it is!

<3 steffy

silvia Navarro said...

this is so cute....=)


Megan Mae said...

Love the boots! I remember having my elementary school doing that, it was one of the funnest (most fun?) things ever.

I 'celebrate' St. Patrick's Day like any other - by getting together with family and eating. Hahaha.

D'Andra said...

Love the knee highs!

KWu said...

Yes! Someone who agrees with me on this holiday! I just always think, if I were Irish I'd be so irritated by how it's 'celebrated' in the U.S., but I'm not Irish. Anyway, great idea of knee-high socks in cowboy boots. I haven't seen that elsewhere before.

Brittney said...

okay, well, i HAVE to do the st. pat's day thing or my 3 kiddos would probably die of heart failure. so. :)
and also? seriously, i saw your outfit pic and was scrutinizing it, thinking to myself that you styled that sweater perfectly--not too dressed up, not dressed down, just a perfect balance--and i was thinking how i would wear it, and i honestly couldn't think of any other way to style it than how you did. props to you! you honestly look fabulous. (annnnd i spied a green stripe or two, so you were "safe" today. phew.)

Between Laundry Days said...

Yeah, I've avoided St. Patty's day like the plague ever since moving to Chicago. Drunk douchebags = uncool. This sweater, though = EFFING WAY COOL.


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