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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I love this dress and I've had it for quite a few years but I don't wear it much because it is too tight to be appropriate for work. "The Striped Boob and Butt Show" is not the look I'm going for, professionally. (Personally? Sure! Step right up and watch the show!) So today I threw on a vintage blazer and rocked the Neapolitan ice cream look (I know, there should be white, but I didn't actually set out to look like a dessert, it just happens sometimes.)
 Blazer - thrifted
Dress - Le Tigre
Belt - thrifted
Brown tights - DKNY
Shoes - thrifted new xhiliration

I'm excited, my friend Amber is going to get her first tattoo tonight and I get to go with and hold her hand! I may or may not be borrowing the "Feelings Puppets" from work and distracting her with some animal theater. I also wrote her a song. It's called "Smooth Trousers" and it's about how Ken dolls don't have weiners. I'm so mature!

P.S. I probably won't actually do either of these things during the actual tattooing. I feel like laughing results in shaky tattoos and I don't want to be the cause of that!


Kari. said...

oh my gosh -- I just love reading your posts. And I am still waiting to hear about what happened with your second date (or was it your third date with Mr ...).

FutureLint said...

Mr T! We have now been on FIVE dates and I've met some of his friends and he's met some of mine. If you look at the Friday posts, there is usually some mention of him and I going out on the weekends because unfortunately he works nights during the week so we only get to see each other on weekends. But things are going good!

Email me at ariel.m.adkins@gmail.com said...

Cute! It looks very polished with the blazer.

two birds said...

i would love to hear this smooth trousers song. when does your single drop?

Kate said...

This is a great outfit, though I now have the sudden urge to eat some strawberry and chocolate ice cream.


veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

HAH. striped boob and butt club, where can i join?

i actually think this is a really appropriate dress for work, especially with the blazer and tights.

Between Laundry Days said...

SWEET. When/if I get a tattoo, I am absolutely employing your friendship.

DaniellaBella said...

Please please post that song! My life would be perfect if I could sing along!

Lauren said...

hahahaha! i love it! i hope you brought the feelings puppets. i'm a preschool teacher and we totally have puppets....a turtle named tucker and a creepy doll named charlie. not a fan.

WendyB said...

Eek, I love those shoes.

Ena said...

This is such a lovely and sophisticated outfit as a whole! I even think it's appropriate for work. I don't know the dress code at your job, though. The shoes are amazing!


Cydney said...

That blazer is a thrifty treasure. Oh my. You are super cute, did you know that?


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