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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Olive Army Sage

Still dealing with the post-Lasik desire to touch my eyes. When I wore contacts (from age 12 to 29) and my eyes felt dry or itchy, I would move my contact lens in my eye with my finger. Now my eyes feel dry and itchy and I have to keep stopping myself from touching them. So I'm wearing fake glasses today to help remind me, NO touching the eyes!
Wood glasses - street vendor in Seoul, Korea
Jacket - Old Navy (hand-me-down from a friend)
Medals - antique shop
Dress - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Tights - Target
Shoes - Bakers

Red eyelashes + not being allowed to wear any eye make-up = looking tired all day. I can pull it off in the summer when I'm all tan and freckled but right now, I just get told I look sick or tired all day. Thanks dudes.

I'll keep doing little updates about the surgery, as I know a lot of you have said you were considering getting it in the future. I read all the info provided by the FDA and talked to a few friends who had the procedure so I kind of knew what to expect. I had the procedure at a hospital, where they have been performing Lasik since 1991. I got "CustomVue™ LASIK with wavefront technology" and the newest form, where they no longer cut a flap in your cornea with a razor, but with a laser. They give you a Valium and numb your eyes, so it doesn't hurt. The whole procedure took about 10 minutes total, and was probably actually only about 90 seconds per eye. Was it still a little scary? Yes, but I expected that. My vision is something I cherish and can't imagine living without. But my eyes were suffering  and constantly bothering me after wearing contacts for so long and wearing my glasses gave me headaches. So I weighed the risks and costs and decided to see if I was a candidate. I was and decided to get it. So far, I am very happy with my decision.

My doctor was really nice and the nurse was awesome. She was really funny and was the one who had me sign all the paperwork and whatnot. I was reading over the possible side-effects and I asked her, "I don't see it mentioned here, but is it at all possible that the rest of my life will be like a laser light show, synced up to Dark Side of the Moon? No?"  I also asked her, "How much cash do I have to slip you under the table to get the secret x-ray vision or night vision installed? Is there a discount if I get both?" They totally denied me! Sadly, I do not think these questions were the result of the Valium, I think it is the result of me thinking it is funny to entertain strangers. She totally got it. And so far, my life is still not at all like a Pink Floyd laserdome show, for better or worse.


Work With What You've Got said...

So I just don't know if I could get past the laser/razor in the eye thing! I saw Jessica Simpson get hers done of that show and it just seems like a super scary movie starring YOU. You are brave. And you look great in olive.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I have red eyelashes too, they are sort of a pain! I hate going out without mascara, vain confession.
Love you in this color! Hope the eyes are unitchy soon,

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Rebecca said...

I'm on the fence about trying to get lasik, but it seems like it would be worth it some day. My vision isn't too bad, but it is bad enough.

Ana - Better in Sepia said...

Oh wow, congratulations on the Lasik! My husband really really wants to get it but he is SO blind it would probably bankrupt us. I'm curious, did your medical insurance cover any of it?

I agree with Erin, you look great in olive!

EvaNadine said...

i have been wanting some sort of laser vision correction for years, but alas, my eyes are still changing, so my doctor wont recommend me for it. le sigh.

glad yours went ok, and (like other have said) this is a great color for you. :)

FutureLint said...

Ana - no my insurance didn't cover any of it unfortunately, but they don't cover any of my contacts or glasses either, only a yearly eye exam. I figure the surgery will be cheaper in the long run than buying contacts, saline solution, and glasses for the rest of my life! The surgery was $2500, but I spent about $300-$400 per year on contacts, $100 per year on saline, and about $600 per pair of glasses (my prescription is really strong so the lenses alone are $400)

amanda said...

i've thought about getting lasik. i'm just such a wuss! i'm a little scared about it. but i can't imagine how AWESOME it would be to never have to put in contacts again! to wake up and actually see first thing in the morning!! ahhhhh, these would be great things :)

wardrobeexperience said...

congrats on the succeeded surgery.
when my mum did it last year every thing went wrong. now she has to learn to live with this disaster...

i don't wanna sing the blues... love your olive and army green look. very cool.


Between Laundry Days said...

Oh man. The procedure sounds so cool, but it still scares the shit out of me. But to actually be able to SEE? Awesome.

Shey said...

You look great in this outfit, I'm glad the procedure went well, I got it 2 years ago and wouldn't go back to itchy contact eyes ever, however I did suffer from dry eye a few months after the surgery so I had to keep buying those mointurize drops, my eyes are fine now. I think the scary part was when they did something with the flap and my sight was gone, it was totall darkness for a few seconds, it scared me because I knew my eyes were open and suddenly I couldn't see anything. =D


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