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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A sophisticated clown collar

Dress - thrifted Target sample
Cardigan - some street shop in Seoul, Korea
Tights - Target
Shoes - thrifted Joan Helpern Signature Collection

Dress detail (oooh, subtle dots!) and shoes:
So it's official. The kindergarten and first grade kids at my school HATE it when I wear lipstick. I've only done it like twice this year. When I wore red lipstick one day a first grader said, "You look scary. Scary like Cruella DaVille." Yesterday, a KG boy said "Are you wearing lipstick?" and I said "No, I ate a marker." (because I spend 75% of my day messing with the minds of 6 year olds.) And he said, "No, you are wearing lipstick and it makes you look like a long poo." Um, okay. Now picture me loosening a non-existent tie and saying "I get no respect." These are the days of our lives my life. Apparently I need to be more authoritative or something. It's hard to strike a balance between being nice and fun enough that the kids trust me to help them or tell me the truth if something is going on at home or in school that I need to know about... and being too much their friend and they think they can hang out here to get out of class or call me a long poo (I'm totally stealing this insult and using it next time some guy cat-calls me on the street). It's even harder to find that balance with the high school kids. Eh, I guess I'd rather be too nice and fun than have them distrust me or be scared of me.


Lori said...

Well I think the lipstick looked great. It might be a little kids thing. When I first started wearing red lipstick, my two year old would tell me to go to the bathroom and take it off.

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emmalemma said...

Super cute outfit! I wish I had a thrift store that sold Target samples! Heck, I wish I could GO to the thrift store, my thrift store is only open while I'm at work! *goes off to pout*

Rebecca said...

Kids are hilarious. I never knew little kids were scared of lipstick.

I like the collar on that dress a lot.

herCatwalk said...

So cool! You've been to Korea? I'm (Michelle) actually from Korea. I go back every year to visit my family, and the shopping is always really fun. I love street shopping. There's not anything quite like it in the US.

CAITLIN said...

HAHAHA awesome. i love the shit kids say (esp about shit). you're also hilarious, so it's probably a good fit :)

also love: that collar.

two birds said...

kids are weird. on the flip side, my 5-year old son DID eat a marker at school yesterday and came home with blue lips. he really did look like a long poo. i think you look great in lipstick...little boys just don't know what they're talking about=)

Anonymous said...

I'm so afraid of when my 2-year-old becomes outspoken enough to start asking me about people's boobs and facial hair in public. Oy...

Rad in BK said...

Ha! You are a good sport. Considering that when my sister was around that age, she wanted me to dress for everyday like Christina Aguilera in Burlesque, let's just say 6 year olds aren't great sartorial judges?
Anyway, nice collar and I'm looking exactly for a pair of shoes like this. Thick heeled wingtip oxford. I am willing to pay retail. Capitalism fails me, at least my wide 8 1/2 sized feet.

Claire said...

That IS a great collar.

But gosh, a long poo! It's a creative insult but I am not sure it really holds water.

(Sounds like it should be a pun but isn't.)

Nicola said...

Ahahaha, kids are the best! A long poo! My niece wants me to dress like a Disney Princess at all times.

Also, when I worked at a school I spent around 75% of my time messing with 6 year old's heads too. But they were all special needs kids, so that was probably significantly meaner. Those were the days.

I like your outfit, too. Though I like the fact that a kid thinks that you look like a long poo more.

Between Laundry Days said...

It's a hard line, one which I find I have to walk even when dealing with college and graduate students. I need to have them trust me enough to tell me when something is going on, but I can't really be their "friend" without not doing my job well. It can be a rather tough balance to strike.

I love your sophisticated clown collar, and do not think that it, or your lipstick, looks like a long poo.

WendyB said...

A long poo? BWAH HA HA! What does that even mean? Oh, kids.

Someone's bratty five-year-old once told me that she didn't like my lipstick. I refrained from telling her mother that I (a) didn't like her child's manners and (b) said child was WAY WAY overweight. Because I'm polite that way. But I thought it!

Shey said...

I love anything with a collar, this dress is great, but I also love how you wore it with oxfords. =D


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