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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fashion Blogger Tattoos (1)

First up is Danielle from Keep Warm:
1) Key tattoo on my wrist: I was living in England at the time and realizing that everything that I want to do, the woman I want to become, everything is already within me. We all have so much potential. We just need to find the place, moment, person, book, conversation that will unlock this potential and let us realize that you can make your dreams happen.  Hence the key.

2) Flowers and waves on my ankle: The water is for movement and change. The lotus flower can travel all over the pond but is always connected to it's roots. The hibiscus is for gentleness and love. The tiger lily is for home (it's the flower of my province). It's a protected flower which means that it cannot be picked, uprooted or destroyed. 

Next up is Lauren from i am bourgeois:

I thought I'd send in a photo of my only tattoo, which has a pretty funny story behind it. You see, I won in at a contest and literally ripped the design from the Internet. I was at a big blogger event three years ago and at the start of the festivities, the host announced a raffle for a laptop. The catch is that the person whose name gets picked would have to get a tattoo on the spot to claim the laptop. It was just some shitty netbook but I thought, what the hell, I'm probably not going to win this thing anyway. Turns out that my name got picked and not being one to back out from a dare, I went with the organizers to a nearby tattoo parlor. I had about thirty minutes to think of a design but I already knew what I wanted - a barcode that says "Not for sale" beneath it. I thought of this design near the height of my graduate school Marxist phase, when I swore to myself that my skills would never be "for sale" to yet another uncaring, exploitative BPO. I hadn't actually gotten around to having the design drawn out, and the event's host was itching to show the crowd what design I wanted to get.  I Googled a barcode maker, slapped a random barcode and some text together, and in two hours my tattoo was done.  Honestly, I felt a little underwhelmed about finally getting tattooed, probably because it's located in an area where I rarely ever see it. I don't even think about it much anymore, except when it happens to peek out of my top and a stranger compliments me on it.  The procedure itself felt quite nice though, and I definitely want more tattoos in the future (though I'll be planning them well in advance this time).

Next is EvaNadine from Stumble into Style:

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 -- I had always wanted one, and I remember being a little kid already trying to decide what I would get. I grew up as a dancer, and the love of performing arts was always in my blood. As most people know, the symbol of the comedy/tragedy masks is synonymous with theater. While I was less involved with the theater, it was the symbol that really struck me, since I believe it is such a good symbol for life in general. Everything is intertwined, and nothing in life is 100% purely good or bad. I have always believed that out of every bad experience comes at least some kernel of good. So for me, that's what the masks symbolize. I have them on the lower left side of my back, and I chose to have them done in green, since that's my favorite color.

My second tattoo (pardon the photo, it's sadly the best I've got to show it off!), I got when I was 22. It is a 4-leaf clover -- a small nod to my Irish heritage. It serves as a minor cover-up too: I had a mole removed, which left a large scar that I didn't like the look of, so the tattoo covers the scar beautifully. But the main reason I got the clover was so that I can always carry a little bit of luck with me.
I've already got a few designs in the works, I just need to choose locations and artists to do them for me. And how appropriate since I had an amazing dream last night where I was getting totally inked up! I was rather disappointed to wake up this morning without a new piece of art somewhere on my body... but soon enough!

So there you go! Three lovely ladies and their ink! Do you have a personal style/fashion related blog? Do you have a tattoo or three? Send an email to futurelint@gmail.com with the subject line "Tattoo" and give a brief what, where, when, why and a photo of you and your ink and I'll include you in an upcoming "Fashion Blogger Tattoos" post! Simple!


Fashion Therapist said...

I love seeing other people's ink. I'll have to send you pics of mine - I love tattoos.

In fact when I was at the gym today I was just staring at how cool tattoos look on guys. If my husband didn't have tattoos I don't know if I would have ever married him. That's a little extreme, but you get where I'm going. :)

Jodi said...

OMG.. I am new follower.. I cant believe I havent seen your blog before... YOUR SHOEs are totally awesome.. i love shoes and boots too so was excited to see all your great photos and such.... wow! really great.. hi and nice to meet you!! xox Jodi

DaniellaBella said...

Thanks so much for featuring me! I love hearing tattoo stories!

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Love seeing this! My tattoo is on my lower back/hip so not really visible with fashion. Once my daughter finishes nursing for good I plan on getting is cleaned up/enlarged. Right now it looks a bit like a prison tattoo from age and being done by a shittastic artist - not worthy of your lovely blog :)

wardrobeexperience said...

you haven't seen my old tattoo. maybe in summer ...

these days i'm thinking about a new one...


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