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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green like the outfield, brown like the baseline

Let's pretend I'm giving this doubtful look to that errant curl on the side of my head that is reminiscent of a kewpie doll, instead of to the construction dudes just outside my living room window.

Bow - thrifted
T-shirt - Target
Sweater - Old Navy
Skirt - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Tights - Target
'60s shoes - thrifted

I was pretty excited about these shoes when I found them at the Salvation Army for all of $3... but vintage shoes are a gamble... they could potentially come apart at any time (which has only happened to me once, and luckily I had extra shoes in my car).  Sometimes the glue used to hold on the soles just dries out after like 50 years (who knew?) Luckily I know a good cobbler... well I know one good but not cheap cobbler who is so odd and talkative that he gives me the willies... and one old cheap Lithuanian cobbler who is mean, like The Soup Nazi (but I think he retired?)

Fantasy baseball draft tonight (yes, I love baseball that much!) I'm excited for all the yelling and fighting, plus last year I got 2nd place out of 10 teams (unfortunately I lost to the boy, which he never lets me forget so I have to beat him this year!) Seven months of baseball!  162 MN Twins games! Ahh, and it will be time to PLAY baseball in the park soon! Hooray!


Lemondrop Marie said...

Love the kewpie doll allusion...I have had two different pairs of vintage shoes fall apart on me as I stomped around town. Smart girl to carry backups. I think I walk oddly and I hurried the coming apart.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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myedit said...

I love finding clothing samples... it feels like you own a little part of the design process, maybe it never even got produced and that skirt is one of a kind...?

jesse.anne.o said...

I've had shoes fall apart as soon as I start to walk on them. It is such a BUMMER.

I am enjoying that green bow.

Eli said...

ooh love the shoes! I've had a similar mishap with vintage sandals where the soles complete fell off in the middle of the street in the summer. Very awkward

Suz said...

Those shoes are a great find!

I was looking at my traffic stats for my site and someone came to my site looking for yours. Haha. I'll send them right over!

Anonymous said...

Love this silhouette on you! The bow is perfect.

Emii said...

If Wayzata isn't too far a drive, ShoeBob's in Wayzata Bay is really good, especially with leather. His son, Jeremy, also works there and does good work and is nice, but I prefer Bob Fisher himself cause he's the best.

futurelint said...

Oooh, yay! Thanks for the tip Emii!

Jess said...



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