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Monday, November 17, 2008

blah, blah, blah

So here is the outfit I wore on Wednesday with the pin I made on Tuesday.

The outfit that got puked on, on Thursday.

The crazy ruffle I wore on Friday that prompted the children at my school to call me a clown, a princess, and a turkey.

As for the weekend, the highlight was going to see The Hold Steady at 1st Avenue. I LOVE them. I've seen them four times and it is always awesome. Craig Finn is so strange and adorable. Spent most of the weekend wandering around in this (well, when my friends weren't stealing it and wearing it around.)

Seriously like 8 dudes wore this on Saturday night. On the street. In public. In a blue plaid cape. Seriously, I have the best friends. And I know, this wasn't in the coat showcase, but I swear I'm done buying coats (ok there is one other one I got like a month ago that I haven't photographed and showed off yet). I found this at a thrift store for $7 and couldn't resist. Blue. Plaid. Cape. And it's reversible!!! There is a smaller, finer blue plaid on the other side. I almost bought a second one that was very similar but just plain blue. But I resisted. See how good I am? Real post tomorrow, this is just a quickie. I just went to grocery store for first time in forever and now must go running so I can make a delicious dinner.

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