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Monday, November 10, 2008

Two days, too many necklaces

Friday... too many necklaces.

Monday... too many necklaces.

I swear, I only wore one necklace all weekend. I ought to get in the habit of photographing my weekend outfits, but I'm never home. I spend all weekend at the boy's and bartending and at Kai's watching football so I never take any outfit pictures. Anyway, last Christmas my grandma gave me a bunch of beautiful brooches that she inherited from her aunt who never had children and thus spent all her money on jewelry. I am too scared to wear them. Thus the brooches on my pearl necklaces are crappy thrifted costume jewelry. I need to photograph all the real brooches. They are just beautiful and so old but in perfect condition! I also need to get in the habit of photographing my outerwear sometimes. I have way too many coats and way too many scarves and way too many mittens and gloves (but no hats, they squish my hair, thus I only wear earmuffs, although my earmuffs were STOLEN from a bar last year by a drunk girl who tried to buy them from me and when I said no she stole them later, boo. I often like my outfit better with all the bundled layers and need to take pictures of it. Bottom line, more and more pictures). And don't steal people's earmuffs.

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