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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coats... to the MAX!

Here we go, round two of the coats (and this is most of them I swear). I have a few spring coats laying around that are just cotton and some are really more like blazers, etc. but this shall be the end of the coat showcases. Enjoy!

The yellow one I wear a lot, like several days a week, with various scarves. It's warm, it's yellow, and it's from TJ Maxx I think ($35?ish). The one on the right is not very warm but it's okay as long as it's not like 10 degrees out or below (aka December through February). I got it at the end of coat season for $7. Score!

I'm pretty sure that pink one is a little kids coat, but as long as I rock it like the sleeves are short intentionally, I don't think anyone's the wiser. Speaking of children, what am I doing in that plaid number? Hunting wabbits. I swear I chic up this coat with the right scarf, but these posts are about coats and didn't want to muddle the whole thing up with all my scarves (plus didn't want to put that much thought into it yet). But in winter, I never leave the house without one.

Do I sometimes prance about in a cape? Rarely. This orange plaid baby is my other go-to coat. I wear it several days a week and it is really warm as long as I am not wandering around in the wind for hours. My butt gets cold. ;)

Oh, what's that there on the left? Vintage. Belgian. Army. Jacket. 1954. $6. WHAAAT??? And on the right we have my other rock-it-on-the-regular coat. Yes, it is mink lined. Yes, I feel bad about it. However, in my defense may I say that my favorite aunt (who is dying of breast cancer) gave it to me and those minks died before I was born. It is so warm, it is so cute, and whenever anyone gives me a hard time about wearing real fur I just do my best Mr. Burns impression and say "It's made of 100% recycled animals Lisa." If that doesn't get them to shut up I bust out the dying aunt and the fact that these animals died in the late '70s. I still feel bad about it, but NOT wearing the coat would almost be worse, wouldn't it? Well, that's what I tell myself to be able to sleep at night. On that note, GOODNIGHT!

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Lindsay_Loves said...

I love all of your coats! Love your blog, keep up the great work :]


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